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Administration Department

Our Administration Department is very proud to recognize the following employee's anniversaries:

    September: Sharon Guider, Education 22 yrs.

                       Dawn Simon, CNA 16 yrs.

    October:      Madge Smith, Housekeeping 23 yrs.

                        Helen Okunola, CNA 10 yrs.

We know that our team could not work as effectively without your dedication and continued service. Thank you!

    Nursing Department

    From the Director of Nursing's Corner:

Nursing is a profession that offers many areas of practice and is a good foundation for transition into the other important roles in long-term care. Hence, moving qualified nurses into positions that offer expansion of their roles as nurses and provide assistance to CHC's

goals for continued excellence in care is mandatory for our future. 

Education Department 

Children's Habilitation Center's nationally recognized private school has set new goals for this 2013/2014 school year. The school has increased enrollment by 4% over the past year. As our school continues to increase in enrollment we continue to strive to provide the most engaging learning experience for the severe and profound.


We will:

  1. Increase the amount of educational in-services attended by the staff related to the population served from 1 per quarter to 1 per month to stay up-to-date with best practices.
  2. Develop a curriculum that is specific to the population served to increase engagement level of class time.
  3. Increase in assistive technology to provide more opportunities for student communication.
  4. Addition of sign language to the daily routine in all classrooms.   

Students have achieved the following advancements:

  1. Ability to tolerate longer class times previously (1 1/2 hr sessions) currently (2 1/2 sessions).
  2. 80% of students testing achieved a score of foundational (emerging) opposed to the 80% last school year achieving a score of entry (beginner).


      As our students continue on the road to success we will make it our mission to aid their individual growth and development.

      After all, we are a learning community that is committed to providing a positive learning experience to each child.

Upcoming events planned include:

  • November-
    • Field Museum
  • December-
    • Museum of Science and Industry
    • Orland Mall
  • January-
    • Navy Pier Winter Wonderland

Respiratory Department

In 2009 an Innovative weaning protocol was developed by the Director of Respiratory Care here at CHC. Candidates were chosen after they were admitted to our facility as potential weaning candidates from the ventilator. The knowledgeable team of Respiratory Therapist's, Pediatrician's, Pulmonologist, Physical Therapy Team, our Nursing team as well as our dedicated Team Assistants, worked and continue to work together as a team to insure each one of our residents received the best possible care.

Once our residents met the requirements for our weaning protocol, they received their individual calendar for weaning times. SIx of our residents were successfully weaned from the ventilator as well as oxygen. Some of our residents that were successfully weaned from the vent and oxygen have been discharged home.

Since the initiation of our weaning protocol, we continue to admit a more complex patient base from other facilities here in Illinois and many other states.  All disciplines understand that only by working as a team will our patients receive the best care possible. As we continue to grow and learn from each other we will continue to provide the best care possible for all of our residents.

Case Management

The Case Management Department has been involved in a multitude of projects. We have begun interdisciplinary meetings with families, and our medical team, in order to discuss updates or concerns regarding their child. These meetings are a great way to keep in touch and give families the assurance that their child is in good care. In addition, we have begun taking pictures and videos of the residents on a regular basis and sending them to their families. Photos or video provide a view of the residents during, activities, class and field trips.

The Harvest Festival Parade was one of our many in-house activities. Many of our residents dressed up in costume for the day, listened to music and participated in the parade.

The Case Management Department has also been providing and educating families on the new DNR forms.

Lastly, the children's coat, hats and gloves are ready for when the Chicago snow hits!

 Physical and Occupational Therapy

It is hard to believe that Christmas time is just around the corner. Our department is busy as always providing direct care and following up the resident's new and old equipment. In September, we focused on interdepartmental training to improve the delivery of basic therapy services to the residents.

In October, our therapy staff celebrated National Physical Therapy Month. To include CHC staff in our celebration, we provided 10 minutes of Zumba workout for a week, along with a charade game and a scavenger hunt for our therapists. It was a lot of fun for all.

We are so excited to be able to introduce soon to our residents "RIDE", a new technology in seating systems. This unique technology provides great comfort and support especially for those residents with severe muscular-skeletal deformities who are at high risk for pressure sores and require special cushions to give the skin some relief.




  Guess who enjoyed new wheels??  A bicycle is great equipment that you can use to build up muscle strength, coordination and balance.


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