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General Admission Criteria

Children's Habilitation Center prides itself in the provision of total habilitative health care to children who require specialized treatment, skilled nursing care and medical management. 

Because of their medical conditions and developmental disabilities, an integrated program of physical medicine and developmental services are required to meet their complex needs. Children's Habilitation Center accepts residents and renders services without regard to race, color or national origin.

When a child's needs cannot be met at home, Children's Habilitation Center can be the "bridge to tomorrow" for those in need of specialized care.

A thorough and individualized review of each potential admission is completed by CHC's dedicated & experienced Interdisciplinary Team, which is comprised of our:

  • CEO
  • Administrator                                                                         
  • Medical Director & Pediatric Physician                               
  • Director of Nursing
  • Director of Respiratory Services
  • Director of Physical Therapy
  • Residential Services Director
  • Admissions/Discharge Coordinator

Our IDT assesses each of the following areas:

  •   Age: CHC is a licensed Skilled Pediatric Facility
  •   Ambulatory Status & Level of Cognitive Functioning
  •   Behavioral Status & Discharge Potential
  •   Medical Condition/Special Needs:
    •  Generally, our residents are in need of continuous medical supervision for chronic, complicated and recurring      medical conditions, such as:
        •   Ventilator Dependency
        •   Severe Respiratory Conditions
        •    Hyperalimentation
        •    Uncontrolled Seizure Activity
        •    Gastrostomy
        •    Tracheostomy
        •     Intravenous Therapy
        •     Immune Deficiencies

For more information about our admissions requirements, or to schedule a tour of our facility & meet our dedicated team of professionals, please contact us at 708-596-2220.



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